Latest Fundraiser News

July 17, 2014

Team Dough – Collectible College Team Tubs  – filled with our delicious chocolate chip cookie dough. Choose from over 25 teams that are sure to capture your team spirit.

Customized Fundraising Brochures – First Choice is pleased to offer customized fundraising brochures that reflects your groups name and image. Our customized brochure creates a personal identity for your group during your fundraising campaign.

New Products for the Fall

• Gourmet Popcorn Kits – Available in 5 flavors

• Swiftlicious Baking Kits

– Flat Bread Pizza ( Cheese & Pepperoni)

– Bundt Cake Baking Kits ( Lemon, Vanilla, Chocolate)

• Decorated Sugar Cookie Kits

– Available in 5 Themes sure to be a #1 hit with kids of all ages

• Cinnabon Baking Kits & Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Collection

• All of our new products are featured in our Simple Pleasures brochure, TizzyTreat brochure and our Swiftlicious catalog