First Choice Rewards Program

Could you use an extra $50 week?
How about an extra $500, $1,000 or More?
No Selling Required!
No Product or Service To Buy!

Our History

The name of our company is First Choice Fundraising. We are a well established fundraising company whose focus is on quality customer service. First Choice has built a solid reputation, by helping groups in your area raise money for their particular need. We have assisted a variety of groups such as schools, childcares, preschools, sports teams, churches, cheer & gymnastic groups, dance studios, martial art centers, & many other groups. First Choice has also helped several charities like Relay for Life, United Way, St. Judes, March of Dimes, Ronald McDonald House, & many others raise needed funds.

How You Earn Cash Rewards


  • *Earn $25 for each lead that completes a fundraiser
  • *Earn an additional $25 for leads that sell over 300 items
  • *That's potentially $50 per lead

No Sales Presentation Required!

This program is as easy as it sounds. You are not asking people to buy a product, or sign up for a plan or service that will cost them money. That's a hard sell! Instead, you are presenting people you know with a great opportunity to raise money for their particular cause.

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