First Choice Fundraising Programs

Earn up to 50% on a variety of our Fundraisers! We offer a great selection of Fundraising programs for your group.

First Choice specializes in quality customer service. We provide quick turnaround time for our customer's orders. There are no shipping fees, full case orders, or hidden charges with any of our programs.

Keeping It Simple and Easy!

  • We pack each participants order For FREE!
  • We provide FREE SAMPLES - "Tasting is believing"
  • We furnish all fundraising materials, such as brochures, posters, etc.
  • We provide participant letters, which list all relevant information
  • We assist you with incentive/prize programs that motivate participants
  • We furnish a Director’s Packet - An easy guide for the chairperson
  • We are always available Toll Free to assist you and answer all questions